W e ' r e   m a r r i e d !

Ronke & Sanmi



To our family and friends, for the love, care, support, prayers and for you all just being there on our wedding day, Ronke and I say Thank You. Words alone cannot express the gratitude in our hearts for the support you all showed Ronke and I during the entire wedding period.

You all came from all over the US, Canada, and Nigeria. Some of you drove for over 15 hours, some of you flew in from very far distances, you all took time off work and your daily activities just to be at our wedding, for this we say Thank You!

For those who sent in videos, phone calls, emails, and left messages on our guestbook and social media, with prayers and well wishes, Ronke and I appreciate you for being part of the most amazing day of our lives. May the love, care and support you've all shown to us on our wedding day be bestowed back on you in a trillion folds in Jesus Name. May you have lots of reasons to celebrate every day of your lives IJN.

Our words of appreciation cannot match the magnitude of your generosity during our wedding, thank you for making it a possibility.

We are honored.

PS: Be sure to view our Engagement and Wedding pictures in the gallery.